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For more details about my work, please contact me and I will send you my current portfolio.

April – Juli 2022

Trying out different textile techniques opens up my horizons as a designer. Topic: Animals in the Anthropocene

Made with the Jacquard machine GA1000 by Stäubli.

Laser cutting and engraving of the surface.

The damask is finished with a slightly shifted embroidery. This makes the weave look like a shadow. The file was created with Illustrator and then edited with DRAWings.

Working on the TC2, a digital Jacquard loom for handweavers.

October 2021 – Februar 2022

Hand drawn designs

Carpet made with a tufting gun

April – Juli 2021

As part of a research project I developed a waterproof shoulder bag. I sealed the seams with the bonding machine from the company Verton Typical.


Model: Chalin Hüge

Working on hand looms makes you understand the process of creation and the binding of the fabric.

Hochschule Niederrhein, Mönchengladbach


Since 2018

Lederladen Altona, Hamburg


2018 and 2019

The apprentice competition is organized by the Hamburg Craft Chamber. I won the first price the second time I took part.


February – May 2017

In this sewing project, women were taught various skills so they could better care for themselves in the future.

Moshi, Tansania